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A small hamlet of a village that lies between Walsingham and South Creake. You will be excused for not knowing about this tiny village as there are less than dozen houses in total. The farmland that surrounds the village is mainly owned by the Holkham Estate, much of the village as we see it today was owned by the estate. In 1873  Holkham Estate built farmworkers cottages and in recent years most have become private dwellings. The Church of St Edmund is a ruin that sits on a mound in the village and it a Grade II listed building.


This unknown village was one of Norfolk's lost villages as it almost ceased to exist in 1538 after the Dissolution of Monasteries. The king granted the manor house and the patronage of the church to Sir James Boleyn. Seventy years later on there was only one house remaining in the village. There is a former RAF Airfield in Egmere originally a secret WWII bomber base on the former RAF North Creake Airfield.


This is a wonderful area with nearby Walsingham village steeped in history and enchantment to the east, with its renowned Walsingham farm shop and sacred shrines to discover. The wonderful coastal town of Wells-next the-Sea with its glorious sandy beaches is less than 10 minutes drive away and there is a lot to explore. Take a day trip to Holkham Hall and gardens and spot the deer roaming near the lake, or head to Morston and enjoy a seal trip followed by a tasty pub lunch at the Anchor Inn.

Image of nearby Holkham Hall


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