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7 things to do outside this autumn

Coastal walks

Most people think about beach days during the spring and summer, the Autum and even winter is a lovely time to head to the beach. Take in the dramatic Norfolk skies contrasting with the softness of the many vast sandy beaches, a real hit for the senses with the crashing sounds of the sea onto the shore. The times of day when the sun is peaking through early mornings and that golden hour in the evening are the best. Visit our Norfolk beaches page to find out more about our coastline

Go bird watching

Autumn is simply one of the best times to go bird watching. The migration begins at the end of the summer and continues into November. This area in Norfolk is arguably one of the best places in the country to watch the migrating birds. Norfolk is famous for the fabulous pink footed geese who make their home here during October, often you can hear a skein of geese passing by. There is an abundance of fascinating birds to spot including the red flanked blue tails or the special little Snow Buntings during winter.

Take a seal boat trip

The winter is the best time of year to go and see the grey seals, they have their babies in November and December at Blakeney Point. The best way to this this amazing sight is to book a boat trip from Morston Quay it is an absolute ‘must’ for anyone visiting the area at this amazing time of year.

Go foraging for nuts and berries

The Autumn is a perfect time of year to forage in the hedgerows for berries, you can find delicious black berries, which are ideal for jam making! With a collection of Elderberries, you can make many drinks and cordials. Sloe Berries are popular and used for making Sloe Gin. A favourite with children is foraging for Sweet Chestnuts, many of the trees drop their sweet chestnuts between October and December, collecting these jewels from their spiky shells on an Autumn/Winter walk and then taking them home to roast is a really delicious seasonal treat.

Visit a farmers market or craft fair

A perfect time of year to visit a Farmers Market or a local craft market. With many seasonal treats, fruit and hearty autumn veg. It’s a great place to find locally made foods from fresh bakes and pies to local cheeses and delicacies. Keep an eye out for craft markets and fairs advertised especially during the run up to Christmas. Norfolk makers and creators get together to showcase their crafted goods and seasonal foods at these events.

Snap away on a photo walk.

No matter if you have a keen interest in photography, or an eye for the beautiful, a SD Camera or your mobile phone. Norfolk is with out a doubt a superb landscape, go for a walk on any given day and simply snap what you see! There are gloriously technicolor autumnal leaves are trees, stunning landscapes, wildlife and a great season to take outdoor family or pet portraits. It’s a wonderful and liberating past time, be it by yourself or even make it a fun family game …after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


With the night’s drawing in and the days much shorter this time of year you don’t have to stay up late to take in the nights sky. Norfolk is renowned for its big expansive skies, with much of the area suffering from little light pollution, on a clear night you can gaze up and see the stars. To just step outside and take in the formations of the stars with a winter warming drink in hand can make for a magical moment. If you look North towards the Northern lights you may even catch a glimpse of aurora borealis at this time of year during your Norfolk stay.